Bermuda is the most famous holiday destination which is situated in the northern part of the Atlantic Ocean. It is a marvelous island that preserves striking beaches and other historical towns. This place is popular in the world where you can experience charming and alluring vacation. There are many attractions enclosed in this destination, therefore majority of the tourists travel from far away place to experience Bermuda Vacation. It is just a small island that is covered with exotic beaches and other historical sites. There are around thirty four pristine beaches that are renowned for its pink colored soft sand which is developed by the small coral reefs. Among all the beaches, the Horseshoe Bay Beach is the most popular one in visitor’s choice list. This beach is located in Southampton Parish, where the crystal clear water is stretched along with the shape of the horseshoe magnet. The name of this beach is originally derived from the shape of the beach.

The attractive pink beaches please the eyes of visitors with delight and pleasure. Another most attractive thing that mesmerizes a traveler is the crystal clear and turquoise water. This lovely beach preserved here with white soft sand is most admired among the choices of tourists. There are a wide range of lime rocks that are present on the exquisite beach adds a majestic look to this place. The twisting trails and high waves of the exotic beach water guides to explore the beautiful coves maintained here. besides, all of them, only one is popular and is named as Pink Royal Beach, which is an ideal spot for experiencing adventure by trying out snorkeling and swimming. In the dense forest on the terrains you can also spot beautiful birds which are worth to see while exploring in Bermuda vacation.