Declared as the Eighth World Capital of Wine and internationally renowned for the quality of its grapes, Mendoza has a wine – itinerary through which you can visit small and large wineries, learn about its history and secrets, and savor fabulous wines. This trip, virtually mandatory for anyone who sets foot on land in Mendoza, in addition to being charming, allows the acquisition of good wines directly from wine makers. Too, many Mendoza 5 stars hotel have developed proposals to bring these fine products nearer to their guests, for instance setting up wine tasting rooms where these great Mendoza wines can be savored.

Argentine wineries are still developing. The most famous is the growth of a synergy between wine, art, gastronomy and touristy. Today, wine makers welcome tourists, show them the whole process of wine making, they offer a taste, feed them and some even stay in pampering facilities in the middle of the hills. There are literally 100’s of proposals and itineraries called Wine road of Mendoza, the over 1,200 wine makers and wineries stretch for hundreds of kilometers to the piedmont of the Andean Range Of Mountains.

The taste is an edifying experience for those who enjoy wine in a more, shall we say, naive way. Amid the quiet and gloom, all senses are centralized. Staying in any of Mendoza 5 stars hotel, their staff will be able to set an excursion to the wine route so that it will be possible to get to know fine wine biggest mysteries.