Prague, the capital of Czech Republic has remained a center of art and architecture since long. Even before the domination of communism, this city was a hub for the tourists from all corners of the world. The Prague holidays were always considered as the best utilization of the vacations.

As per an estimate, this Eastern European city hosts around 4 million travelers every year from entire world. The city holds a history of being a cultural, political and financial heart of Europe and Prague is enjoying this status from last 1,100 years of its existence.

The city has possessed everything that a traveler can dream for. Apart of having a must watch historical Old Town, Prague has got a reputation of vibrant and electrifying night life. The traditional beer halls, the classy pubs and modern cocktail bars are the limelight of its night life. The night clubs and the romantic road side cafes are enough to stop ones feet. The hotels in Prague and the restaurants are proficient in making delicious foods specially the Eastern Europe traditional food. Their specialty menu consists of sauerkraut, dumplings, meat and soups.

Moreover the opera, classical music venues, museums and theatres of this city can entertain every tourist no matter from which part of the world he belongs. The Prague is an economical city in contrast with other European metropolis and one can get tickets in a price that can really pleased the travelers.