Designated a Unesco World Heritage Site in 2003, the remarkable Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park contains the oldest karst mountains in Asia, formed approximately 400 million years ago. Riddled with hundreds of cave systems – many of extraordinary scale and length – and spectacular underground rivers, Phong Nha is a speleologists’ heaven on earth.

Phong Nha Cave has many branches with a total length of up to 20km, but now new people discover the longest branch, is part of the underground river called Nam Aki River that Son is the exposed ground. It get underground in the mountains of Pu-Pha-Dam is more than 20km away to the south. Front, mountain river charming, majestic nature with countless wonderful pictures sexy appearance as the human imagination.

Phong Nha Cave, visitors have to go through about 25 minutes by boat on the river Son. Green River in the bottom of this will be for visitors to enjoy more hours of fun by painting the surrounding water. She guides Quang Binh told the blue river Son by name once a year the water turns crimson color. Around the turns of the river water has added so many mysterious legends are local people handed down from generation to generation. But the other mystery stories could not compare with the mystery of a cave called “the First Indochina”, this is “7”.

When the Vietnam tour guide announced the coming of Phong Nha, people almost breathlessly, eyes stretch not want to miss any detail of the unique heritage of this world. The boat slowly approached the entrance of the cave, and right in front of tourists is a lofty limestone cliffs, majestic, as if each were a huge guillotine blade sweet from the top down to reveal a tiny cave mouth underneath. Increasingly closer, the larger the mouth of the cave. Top arch start high up on the inside, the sun shine reflection on the surface of the river to make the cave fanciful.